Pre-Buy! Grey Sauna Tent Expected by Feb 28, 2021



Want to make sure that you are at the front of the line to get your own Sauna Tent with Sauna Stove? Here is your chance and better yet, you pay the current 2020 price, but you will get the upgraded larger tent that is coming in January. We have increased the size by 5 inches on each wall, increasing the inner footprint to 85″ X 85″ and stand tall with the 78″ height! Delivery expected by the end of February, 2021

These insulated tents set up or fold back down in under 1 minute so are a great portable shelter for a multitude of uses, most notably as a steam sauna with the included potbelly sauna stove. Just because we designed it as a sauna doesn’t mean that should stop you from using it has a winter camping tent, an ice fishing hut, a hunting blind or in our case it covers the hot tub in our backyard and we decorated it to be our winter oasis.

They are designed to stand up to most any weather including wind and snow. The first thing you will notice about these tents is the quality! The quilted insulated material is fire retardant and strong and the carbon fiber poles are made to last! Quality and durability are the first consideration with all of our products, we only sell products that we use and love!

Payment plans available upon request, reach out to us directly by phone or email for more info.


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