Pre-Buy! Stainless Steel Wood Stove Expected by Feb 28, 2021


10 in stock (can be backordered)


Get to the front of the line to get your own Stainless Steel Sauna Stove! Here is your chance and better yet, you pay the current 2020 price. Delivery expected by Feb 28, 2021

Bigger is Better? We don’t know if that’s always true but in this case with a 10 cm taller stove belly we think it is! More space means bigger pieces of wood, and less stoking the fire!

Ambience: With side view glass you can sit in your tent and watch the fire!

These newly designed stainless steel stoves have it all!

  • High quality construction makes this stove, durable and light weight!
  • Fold up the legs and store the chimney pipes inside!
  • Rapid Boil option on stove top.
  • Adjustable air vent to control your burn rate!
  • Spark arrestor included.
  • Sauna Rock Tray Included!



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